Guidelines for Submissions

1) All stories submitted must be in either .txt or .doc format. I prefer .txt but can handle .doc files.  Please do not send zipped files. All pictures must be in .jpg or .gif format; no .tif files will be accepted.

2) No sexually explicit pictures or stories(hentai) will be accepted.  You can have some suggestive scenes or dialogue, but don't overdo it.  I may be persuaded to accept Sekkushiaru Roman stories, but that is on a case-by-case basis. Also, no pictures or stories depicting yaoi/yuri (same sex couples) will be accepted either.  All judgements made by site maintainer (that's me) are final and binding.

3) Anything submitted must be your own work.  If I find out I was sent something plaigiarized or stolen, the original owner will be informed who sent me the items in question(and yes I will keep a record) and I will do what I can to see that justice is served.  We once had someone plaigiarize our work, and I will not let it happen to another.

4) Please include your name or the name under which you wish the stories to appear. I will not post any anonymous submissions because I like to give credit where credit is due.

That's all, but this can and will be changed/updated as needed.  Take care and happy reading, writing, and drawing!