Robert Brown's Inner Sanctum

As you step through the portal, you find yourself in a rather spacious study. Bookcases line the walls, holding everything from advanced chemistry textbooks that look brand new to arcane spellbooks probably thousands of years old. Seated at a rather odd looking desk, surrounded by pouches of every color of the rainbow, is a mouse easily six feet tall! He looks up from the book he is reading and smiles a warm half smile at you. "Don't be afraid," he says quietly. "I know, it's not every day that you come face-to-face with a mouse your size, but did you ever think you might be my size instead?"

You don't know why, but what he says holds a certain ring of truth to it. "I thank you for coming to my sanctum, as it were," the mouse says, making you forget your confusion for the moment. "It is constantly under construction, and perhaps always will be. The last changes I made to this place were on August 8, 2013. To find out exactly what's new, you can look at the list on the wall over there marked Latest Updates. Oh, but where are my manners?

My name is Robert Brown, both in the real world and here. In your world, I'm known as Proforce. In this, I am the Powderman." He gestures at the pouches on the table. "I am an alchemist by trade, at least here where I can be. My real life is much less exciting, but that can keep for another time.

"My powders are wondrous things, each a different color and different purpose. I can use them to heal, to create fire, to make portals to different planes of existence...but I'm babbling. You'll find out what they can do as you read the stories of the Protection Force, if you choose."

His gaze suddenly hardens. "Just because I use powders in this world does not mean I advocate, condone, or otherwise like the use of drugs in the real world. These are alchemical powders, not drugs. And I personally think anyone who uses illegal drugs in any fashion needs help."

As quickly as his mood darkened, it lightened just the same. "But now for why you came." He stands up from behind the desk and walks toward a bookcase. "I'm assuming you're here to read the stories," he says, tapping a shelf lightly. "Or perhaps you want to see the artwork. No matter. This will still take you where you want to go." He steps aside as the bookcase lifts, revealing a swirling green portal.

"Don't worry, it's perfectly safe," he says, noticing your hesitation. "I've travelled these portals many times, as have others, and no harm's come to us yet."

"Or are you here to have your own works join those already here? In that case, that book titled Guidelines is what you want. If your work fits those requirements, head through this portal and choose the portal where you want your work to appear to find out how to get to my real world counterpart's attention. Don't worry, he's a fair minded man. He'd never insult your abilities. But do realize that the stories of the Protection Force are his and his best friend's alone. Fanart will be accepted in that portal, fanfiction will not. Many years have been spent in the creation of the Protection Force; please respect that. And now, off you go."

Just as you are about to pass through the portal, he says, "I know it's a longshot, but if you'd like to know more about the real me, the pamphlet to your right marked About Me should provide what you're looking for.

The Room of Portals