Robert Brown's Poetry

You have reached a very special area, one that contains many poems I have written over the years. Each one provides an insight into my mind, one that may help you understand me better as a person and a writer. Be warned, not all of these views are happy ones; some are outright dark. If you care to continue, you have been warned.

I Am...
An introspective look into just how the world sees me, and how I see myself.

I've always loved the Care Bears, so much so that I adopted the name ClawHeart when I was younger and continue to use it even to this day. See here what it meant to me then and now.

What happens when you are scarred in ways other than physically?

Broken Dreams
Everyone has had their dreams broken at some point. Which path did you follow?

Written for someone special to me who could not see in herself what I see in her. This was my attempt to fix that.

Can You Find It?
An experiment of sorts. I can't say more without giving away the secret.

Would Anyone?
We all ask ourselves this at one point. I just put words to what many people are afraid to.

Eternal Masquerade
Do we ever see the real person inside? Does anyone ever see the real us? What is the price for such deceptions?

Nowhere But Up
When you've finally hit bottom, there's only one place you can go.

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