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I have to admit, at first I didn't like Pokémon. But once I played the game and gave the cartoon a chance, I was hooked. These are my contributions to the world of Pokémon fanfiction, and I hope you enjoy.

The Red Squad
Giovanni, boss of Team Rocket, gives Jessie and James an ultimatum: get Pikachu or have the Red Squad do it...and take care of them as well. What follows is both surprising and intense.

A Different Kind of Battle
With Pikachu still weak from her ordeal at the hands of Team Rocket, Ash is unable to do any kind of battling or training. But when a contest comes up that offers the chance at rare and valuable pokémon, how can he resist? But who said it has anything to do with battling?

Pikachu and the Thunder Stone
A tragedy nearly avoided brings another one no one expects. Can Ash find a way to bring Pikachu back, even if he must once again trust those who would steal her? Find out here, and be prepared for the unexpected.

A Chance at Love
Ash overdoes it in training his new abilities, and how he must recover comes as a surprise to all. As he's recovering, Pikachu is left with a few decisions she must make. Will she risk everything for her one true chance?

An Icy Wind Blows
Ash's route to Cinnabar takes him through the beautiful, but dangerous, Seafoam Islands. Striking off alone, his life quickly falls into danger. Can Pikachu save him without revealing her secret? Questions answered, only for more questions to be asked.

A Penny for Your Thoughts
Ash and company finally arrive at Cinnabar Island. He's ready to battle for his next badge, but the arrival of an old friend and the revelation of new enemies changes everything. Can he adjust, or will there be terrible consequences?

Fire and Ice
Ash finally goes for his 7th badge, but it's not as easy as all that. First he has to earn the right to enter the gym and the battle within is unlike anything he's faced before. And what's with this new pokémon he has?

Dates With Destiny
With the excitement over Ash's victory still settling, he remembers he has a promise to keep. Actually, make that two: a date for both Penny and Misty. Will this help him figure out where his heart is, or just confuse things even more?

Home Reckoning
Ash and company have finally made it back to Pallet Town. But it's not the warm welcome he's hoping for. He must contend with Prof. Oak and his mother, as well as a ruling on his powers from the Elite 4. Oh, did I mention Gary wants a battle?

Triple Trouble
Thanks to Gary's interference, the Cerulean Sisters know of the relationship between Ash, Misty, and Penny. Not only do they disapprove, they have taken it upon themselves to show the ladies just how unworthy Ash is of their affections. Does Ash have a chance to defeat them at their own game? Or will he succumb to temptation?
A Forced Wager
Day 1 - Lily
Day 2 - Violet
Day 3 - Daisy
Final Proof

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