Rescue Rangers Away!

Korel steps aside as she enters this room and you see a few bookshelves that are mostly empty. "They've just started putting the stories together," she explains. "Originally they planned on a full sixty-five episodes to submit to Disney. When that idea went nowhere, they realized that a number of episodes were only filler to complete the season. It will take them a while to get all the stories together and in some kind of sense. But feel free to enjoy what they've already completed. When you're done, meet me back in the main room." With that, Korel leaves the room and closes the door behind her.

To Rescue a Ranger
Chip's been Gadget? Of course, it was a horrible mistake, but the only cure lies in a rare herb. Can Dale find the herb in time with the help of...Foxglove?! Wait a minute, what's going on here?
Part I
Part II

Battling Bunkmates
Foxglove is finally moving in with the Rescue Rangers, but not everything will run smoothly. Will the Rangers get their act together? Or will this be the straw that finally breaks them?

For the Love of Gold
Monterey discovers a case that demands the Rangers' attention. But what's this? Do they have other things on their minds other than solving this case? They had better get their act together, this particular villain isn't about to give them any free chances.

Double Date Disaster
Chip, Gadget, Dale, and Foxglove finally go out on their first dates as couples. The boys think they have everything planned out to the smallest detail. But as the saying goes, "The best laid plans of mice and men...." Or should that be chipmunks and men?

Brotherly Love
It's common knowledge that Chip and Dale have been friends for a long time, but what if that weren't entirely true? And when a ghost from the past forces them to reveal the truth, what repercussions will it have on the Rangers? Either way, things will never be the same for the Rescue Rangers again.

Gadget Camera
The nerve of some animals! Ranger Headquarters has been robbed! But when Gadget installs a security system to catch the theives, all she seems to catch is everything else. Big Brother might not be watching, but Gadget's cameras certainly are.

Double Trouble
Chip thinks he's going crazy. There's not just one, but two Fat Cats roaming New York City, both committing crimes at the same time! To top it off, Dale and Foxglove are having their first ever lover's spat, and the arguments are not staying nice. What's a chipmunk to do?

A Wolf in Dale's Clothing
A rash of unusual burglaries seem familiar to the Rescue Rangers. Human-like wolves are robbing the city blind, so they think Nimnul is up to his old tricks again with that Transmorphizer. Dale, of course, has a very different opinion on the matter: werewolves! He wasn't right the first time, could he be this time? For everyone's sakes, I hope not.

Dear Diary...
It was supposed to be a wonderful day, my day to shine, my day to show I belonged! Instead, it was quite possibly one of the most horrible days in my life. And to top it off, the only one I could blame was him.

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