The Underwater Arena

As you step through the sea-green portal, you find yourself surrounded by water. Before you can panic however, you notice a regulator in your mouth and a pair of scuba tanks attached to your back. As you slowly accustom yourself to your surroundings, a dog decked out in perhaps the most glaring bathing suit you've ever seen swims up to you.

"Welcome to my domain," he says through his snorkel, somehow allowing you to understand what he's saying. "I'm Snorkel, the mascot of these competitions. A pleasure to meet you. Please, let me show you around some."

Snorkel swims off, surfacing briefly for some air before leading you to a faintly glowing coral bookshelf. "The records of our fights are kept here, as recorded by our announcers," Snorkel explains. "Be forewarned though, these fights get very intense by their nature. It always ends in the death of at least one party involved, and usually contains curse words and some rather disgusting or gory finishing maneuvers. Don't worry if one of your favorites gets killed though; our state of the art medical center has them back up and about in only a few minutes after each fight ends. Well go on, take a look. If you actually want to see our arena, you'll have to wait. It's not open to the public just yet. Well, have fun. If you need me, I'll be around."

Babar v. Rataxes
The king of elephants and the king of rhinos meet head to head in this 2-out-of-3 fall matchup. Who will show their dominance once and for all? Find out here.
First Fall
Second Fall
Third Fall

Digimon v. Pokémon
What we've all been waiting for: V-Mon and Gomamon v. Squirtle and Machop in a battle to the end. Which monster animé gets the nod here? Check it out.

Franklin v. Pokey Toes
Two turtles from children's books and cartoons setlle their differences in this junior match. It's just as intense as the adults, so don't let their ages fool you.

The Air Pirates v. The Beagle Boys
A 4-on-4 match with gauntlet style rules between 4 members of Don Carnage's infamous Air Pirates and the Beagle Boys. Find out who gets the (dis)honor of most devious group in this battle.

The Care Bears v. Disney and Grubby
That's right, the cute and cuddly Care Bears face off against three members of Disney's stable and Grubby from the Teddi Ruxpin cartoon. Interesting, to say the least.

Smedly v. Snorkel
Our mascot gets in the action here against Chilly Willy's nemesis. How does his first fight go? How do you think?

Baby Looney Tunes Rumble
If you thought they were bad as adults, you should see them in this free-for-all when they're still in diapers.

Ord v. Tyg
In the finals of a recent tournament, Ord from Dragon Tales fought Tyg from Shirt Tales with the winner earning the right to enter the junior league for full competition.

Wooly v. Pete
Two heavy hitters face off in this fight as Woolly from Teddy Ruxpin(remember that show?) takes on Pete, one of the Disney villains.

Teddy Ruxpin v. Yogi
In a battle of the bears, Teddy Ruxpin squares off against Yogi Bear to see which one is stronger. One thing this fight proves: don't underestimate anyone.

Franklin and company v. The Shirt TalesA 3-on-3 match where the turtle everyone knows teams with his friends Bear and Fox to take on Rick, Tyg, and Bogey. This might be one of our most intense fights yet.

Barney and BJ v. Ord and PJThe dinos that everyone loves to hate are locked in battle with Dragon Tales' Ord and PJ from An Extremely Goofy Movie. Definitely a must read here folks!

Donald Duck v. Scrooge McDuckIt's uncle versus nephew in this classic match. By far one of the most interesting to write, take a look and see what wins: age and wisdom or youth and power.

Bingo and Monty v. Catchum and LelandIt's the good guys against the bad guys in this matchup from the Get Along Gang universe. Will the good guys win again, or do the bad finally triumph?

Simon v. Lickety SplitIn his first scuba fight, Lickety Split from the Ants in your Pants children's show faces off here against Simon of Alvin and the Chipmunks fame. Will his first fight make an impact on the league?

Bear and Baloo v. Louie and Lickety SplitAn unusual tag team match here, with friends Baloo and Louie on opposite teams here. With both teams fighting together for the first time, which one will get their act together first?

The Get Along Gang v. Alvin and the ChipmunksIn this six-man battle, Alvin and Bingo try to settle a score that goes back to their participation in the Aqua Olympics. The others are along for the ride, but what a ride it turns out to be.

Barney Bear and Brother Bear v. Bert and TimothyAn unusual match here that pits two teams against each other, each with a seasoned veteran and a veritable rookie. I think the outcome may surprise a few of you.

The Scuba Olympics

Here it is folks, our crowning achievement. Brian, Trevor, and I have gathered what we consider the best scuba athletes in our junior division for an 11-event competition. Medals are awarded for the top three in each event, and you might recognize some events, but not from the Olympics. I hope you enjoy reading them, because we all enjoyed writing them.

Opening Ceremonies and the Drowning Contest
Under the Ice
Object Retrieval
INTERLUDE-Finisher Special
First Strike Retrieval
Atlas Stones
Closing Ceremonies

Captain Pickles Saves Portia
OK, this one is a little different. This is an accounting of the day that Portia of the Get Along Gang was captured by that lowlife Catchum Crocodile. A strange masked superhero dove in to save her, literally, from an underground swampy cavern. Read to find out if he succeeded or became yet another victim.

These manuscripts are only the endings of the fights named. Before we figured out how to protect them, the water wreaked havoc on the records, and this is all that survived.

Baloo v. Broadway v. Wally
Brooklyn v. BJ
Wally Walrus v. Woody Woodpecker

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