Jeremy Cole's Sonic Fanstuff

And here we have another of our fans making his way into the circle of fanfiction authors, Jeremy Cole. He's asked me to post a full set of stories, ones that take the world we know and twist it. To see how different it can be, read his stories. I should mention that Jeremy has specifically asked for fanmail; if he doesn't get some, he may not extend the storyline. I'm personally asking here, read and respond to his stories, please?

Smooth Ripples
With just one change near the beginning of all this strife, things become radically different. A small insignificant change can cause absolute havoc. This is the story of one such change.

Author's Note


Rally Flag
A new face in the Forest.

Saving Throw
Building trust with the Freedom Fighters.

Echidna Warriors
A new menace arrives to fight.

Laid Plans
The buildup before the battle.

Battle Elements
A fight that none will forget.

Spring Day
Aftershocks and moving on.

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