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Here are a few fanfics by one of our fans, the Dragon Knight. He has some really interesting ideas inspired by our own fanfics. I can't wait to see what else he has coming.

The Soul Child Trilogy

Chapter 1: The Awakening
In the farthest reaches of the galaxy rests a small green planet known as Mobius. The inhabitants of this world are humanoid animals. Throughout the millenia war has torn the surface of the world apart. At the end of every war a man by the name of Acorn united the various peoples under the banner of the great city of Mobotropolis. At the end of every generation war returns and the cycle repeats itself. Presently, the king of Mobotropolis is imprisoned inside the Void and a human named Ivo Robotnik took control as dictator with his nephew Snively. A small group of Mobians had resisted Robotnik's rule, dubbing themselves 'Freedom Fighters'. The leaders of the Freedom Fighters are based in Knothole Village in the Great Forest with the princess of the House of Acorn. They had remained hidden for over 10 years raiding Robotnik's city, reclaiming their lives little by little. This begins a new chapter in their lives.

Chapter 2: Discovery
With an ally missing and a new threat on the horizon, the Knothole Freedom Fighters find themselves in a mess of trouble. Sonic has left with the one called Soul Child, training his body and mind to take down Robotnik. Robotnik has developed a weapon with horrific effects. Now the Freedom Fighters must band together tighter than ever so that everything they have worked for is not lost.

Chapter 3: Finality
It has been six months since Sonic left the Freedom Fighters of Knothole to train with Soul Child. His presence has been greatly missed by all but the Freedom Fighters have managed to prevail against Robotnik. Their newfound ability to neutralize his greatest weapon may seal their victory over him. Unknown to them however is that Robotnik has a new weapon in the works that will overshadow any of his prior achievements. But it seems that Snively has other plans for this new weapon. To top it all off that storms that had plagued the Wolf Tribe were the fault of a Magi, a being capable of bending the elements to their whims. The discovery of the Temple of the Magi and Dr. Osaka's powers only complicate things more. Now two figures plan on making their final move. Will it be one that destroys the Freedom Fighters or will they bring Robotnik down once and for all?

Girl Trouble
With Sonic back and Soul Child destroyed things have begun to calm down in Knothole. However Amy's affection for Sonic has sparked jealousy in Sally. Will this love triangle tear Knothole apart, or more likely, Sonic?

Generation's End
Sonic's warning of Naugus' impending death has not been forgotten on Sally. In light of this news Sally must decide what is more important to her, the future of Mobius or her personal feelings. In Robotropolis a dark force is stirring once more. What are his true intentions and how will he accomplish them?

Turning of the Gears
The sorcerer Naugus has died leaving King Acorn trapped in the Void with Snively, who through Nano Sonicís, who now calls himself Kinos the Enslaver, treachery is exiled there as well. Sonic and Sallyís relationship moves to the next level as she passes her responsibilities to Antoine. Little do they know that Kinos has begun to set into motion a plan that could tear the Freedom Fighters apart. What does this vile robot have planned for them?

Full Circle
The Freedom Fighters have begun to turn on themselves, thanks to the planning of Kinos. He has set up a trap that they have fallen right into. With the destruction of Lower Mobius any Freedom Fighter groups that were borderline have now declared all-out war on Kinos. Now the diabolical machine has set another plan into motion. Elsewhere, the gears of a long-dead war begin to turn...

Sally's Dream
Some say that dreams are your brain's way of unwinding while others find prophetic meaning in them. So what do you do when those dreams represent what you fear the most? Is it just fanciful imaginings or a vision of what is to come?

Adrian Osaka
Take a step back to look into the past and understand the direction the fate of one will hold on all of Mobius. Go back thirty-five years from now, before Robotnik overthrew Mobotropolis. The Acorn family still rules and the Great War is in its infancy. Take a look in the mirror to see one's past...

Shadows of Deceit
Sonic has abandoned the Freedom Fighters, but is this for personal vengeance or does he have something up his sleeve? Elsewhere on Mobius, a much darker force sets its sights upon the Freedom Fighter's plight...

A Hero's Fall

Part 1
A storm is brewing, one that will shake the very foundations of the Freedom Fighters. Where do Sonicís intentions lie: with the Freedom Fighters or with Kinos?

Part 2
It has been almost one month since Sonic was betrayed and roboticized by Kinos, but is there more to this situation than meets the eye? What does this vile machine have in store for the Freedom Fighters now? As the curtain begins to fall on Knothole only one Mobian will be able to save them, but at a terrible price...

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