Just-A-Loser's Sonic fanstuff

Here you will find the wonderful drawings of one of our newer fans who goes by the name Just-A-Loser. He has an edgier style than anyone I've posted pictures from so far, but it works well with the subjects he's chosen. I think his art speaks for itself that while his internet name is Just-A-Loser, he certainly is not. I hope there will be more from him in the future.

Line art of Donovan Osaya being chased by the Kavenoff. Maxwell Kavenoff that is.
Colored in version of the pic seen above. Looks even better to me.
Line art of The Unholy One with Krella and Tanin. Can't wait to see this one colored.
Line art of Juice having to deal with an amorous Rouge and a ticked Angela. I think I might include this scene in an upcoming Sonic story.NEW

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