Kelly "Kelly Min" Moule's Sonic fanstuff

Kelly has been a fan of ours almost since the first story we wrote. In that time, she has helped us out a few times and even let us use two of her characters in our stories. Now, she is writing her own, and it's about time. :)

Winter has come to Knothole and Antoine is feeling down. He feels...incomplete somehow. But when Fate intervenes to help, will it be what he's hoping for?

What is Scribed

A possible future ending for our storyline, sanctioned by both Francis and myself. How accurate is it? Only time will tell. But nonetheless, a terrific read, and one that will have you thinking.
Part 1
Part 2

Kelly has also drawn her namesake, Kelly Min Hedgehog, from our stories. To see it, click the links below.
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Comments, questions, anything but flames? Write her here.
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