Meg Eichler's Sonic fanstuff

Here you will find the wonderful drawings of one of our longtime fans, Meg Eichler. They are so well done, I am honored to include them on this website, and I hope there will be more from her in the future.

Nadia(from our own stories)

Nadia looking off into the distance pensively
Nadia with a sweet smile on her face
Nadia dressed up for the triple wedding in "New Beginnings"
Nadia, this time from "Revelations and Reunions - Part I" dressed in her festive cloak but missing her own daughter

Donovan Osaya(do I have to say it again?)

Donovan, before he lost his eye, and not looking very happy

Donovan and Nadia(twiddles thumbs)

Donovan and Nadia in a moment of tenderness from "Bringing Life Into the World - Part II."

The Osaya Family

Donovan, Nadia, Nadine, and DJ in the first moments of DJ's life
A scene from just after Nadine went missing. I'll let it speak for itself, it's that powerfulNEW

Princess Alicia Rose Hedgehog(again from our stories)

Alicia dressed in her usual jogging outfit

Prince Juice Hedgehog and Angela Shi-rat(you guessed it, from our stories again)

Juice and Angela, from "The Chosen Ones", sharing a stolen moment
Juice and Angela looking ready for a fight

Lissette Lexford(Did you guess from our stories? You're right!)

Lissette looking rather worried. What did Metal do now?

Desirée D'Coolette(Yeah know already)

Desirée wearing a black tank top over her pink jumpsuit. A present from DJ maybe?

Desirée D'Coolette and DJ Osaya(see above, I'm tired of typing this)

I'll simply call this one First Kiss

Nadine "Lily" Osaya(...don't make me say it again!)

Lily looking down from a tree, a scene from "Caving in to Anger" I believe.
A closeup of Nadine, clearly showing the results of some of the hardships she's been through.

Darrin D'Coolette(If you don't know by now, I'm not telling)

Darrin looking rather serious and handsome. Maybe showing off a bit for his girlfriend? A commission piece

DJ Osaya

DJ Osaya, standing in front of Computer. Another commission piece

Kelly Min Hedgehog

Kelly Min, looking like she's ready to take on the world. And seeing her like this, I believe she can.

The Hedgehog Family

Maurice, Patricia, Sonic, and a very young Kelly Min in a snapshot of a happy family.
This is the next generation, with Sonic and Sally dealing with a hyper Juice and Alicia.


Tanin, of the Fallen Ones, with dark magic swirling all about him.


Krella, of the Fallen Ones, with a book in hand and appearing to look at something rather...distasteful. Charisma perhaps?

The D'Coolette Family

Bunnie and Antoine training their still young children in their specific disciplines. Too bad the kids aren't paying the proper attention to what they're doing.NEW

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