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Here is the realm of the Moon Princess (gotta love that name!). She's a good fan and a better friend and has asked me to post some of her stories here. So far I have her first two series here, but I tell you now it's really good stuff. It is an alternate universe/crossover series, of a sort, but I like its inventiveness. I'm proud and honored to have been chosen to host her stories.

Series 1: The Kintobor and Brody Files

Snively's Dream
The first story finds Snively recovering from a beating at the hands of Robotnik because one of his plans failed. Somehow he finds himself on Earth and meets a pretty and magical girl named Sam. But is it all a dream?

The Beginning of Friendship
Snively and Sam are convinced that it wasn't just a dream and each is trying to find their way back to the other. But who will succeed? And more importantly, who will they run into?

Snively's Second Chance
Now that Sam has a way to visit Mobius regularly, she sets about to change Snively's life for the better. After all, everyone deserves a second chance, don't they? Also, we get a few more hints into Sam's interesting background.

Sam's Secret
Sam gets hurt protecting her home, forcing the truth about her heritage to come out, including a few very interesting facts. While she's recuperating, Snively starts planning his own surprise for her.

A Night to Remember
Snively has a certain question to ask Sam. It should be a perfect night right? Wrong. The course of true love never runs easily, but it seems to be less than that for these two. With the powers that be actively trying to keep them apart, will they find a way to stay together?

Wake Up Calls
Unable to marry Snively because of her royal heritage, Sam falls into a coma from which no one can awaken her. Well, almost no one, but it takes some sisterly intervention to get Snively the chance to. Will this be what finally allows her family to let them be together?

Memories Shall Not Be Forgotten
The big day is finally here! Sam and Snively are getting married, and everyone is careful to make it go off without a hitch. But of course, there's always this one thing that you forget. And in poor Snively's case, he literally forgets. Can his memory be jogged, or will his new bride lose her husband?

Life and Death Matters
Sam and Snively return from their honeymoon only she's not feeling too well. To make matters worse, an old "friend" of the new Senshi reappears and has kidnapped Sam's sister! Will they be able to save Sophia in time, especially with the announcement that Sam still has to make?

Sam is supposed to be resting, but she's doing anything but and it's driving Snively insane. Not only that, she has plans within plans within plans and she's not letting him in on it. But she's not the only one with plans. Will all these secrets have a detrimental effect on their relationship?

A Childish Predicament
Sam is pregnant, and in training, and trying to get Snively pardoned of his crimes to ease his troubled mind. Quite a lot for one girl to handle. But before she can succeed Snively is arrested and thrown in the Devil's Gulag. Can he hold out in there long enough for Sam to get him out? And what's up with this little girl always popping up and calling them 'Momma' and 'Poppa'?

Armageddon comes for the Senshi, and I'll say nothing more than that. Nothing else really needs to be said.

Series 2: Damnant Quod Non Intelligunt

One More Round
Christmas has come to Mobius, and everything seems to be going their way. But with a dark surprise hovering just beyond the horizon that no one could expect, will this be a wonderful time of the year, or a horrible one?

My Immortal
It's been two weeks since Snively's death. Sam is, quite understandably, not taking it well. Unable to deal with her grief, she goes after the two that caused his death: Naugus and Robotnik. Will she get her revenge at the cost of her own life, or will someone be able to spare her that fate?

Porcelain Heart
Hope intercepts a letter meant for her brother. It's from her father, wanting her to return to him. Feeling betrayed, many hurtful things are said and she leaves in hopes of a happy reuniting. But is everything as it seems? And how will their father react to the presence of Sam and Chibi in Snively's life?

I Hope You Dance
No matter how much you weather together, sometimes it just takes one thing to tear it all apart. Sam's brother is in the hospital, and the resulting tension leads to a series of events that breeds mistrust and anger. Will they be able to settle things, or is this the end of our favorite couple?

When Tomorrow Comes
Two years have passed since Sam and Snively have divorced. Hope runs away from Snively to see Sam, forcing them to see each other again. Will this rekindle something between them? Not if Snively's new girlfriend Ann has anything to say about it. And what's with Sam's new job?

Temptation Come My Way
Snively is badly injured and Sam has to blow her cover to heal him. Could this be the beginning of a reconciliation? Or is there just too much time and distance between them? Also, things are found out about Ann and her past that show she's not all she seems.

Regret can be a terrible thing, especially when it comes to a loved one. Snively, Sydney, and Shadow learn about Sam's past that helped make her who she is today. Will Snively finally be able to put everything aside for their love, or will these revelations become another weapon in their vendetta?

Over and Over
The truth about Ann is finally revealed and Snively doesn't take it well. He bumps into Sam when they're both at their lowest. Can they find the strength in each other to pull themselves out of their depressions?

Time of Your Life
After a lot of heartache and heartbreak, Sam and Snively are finally coming together. Everything seems perfect...which means it's not. Sam comes down with an unusual but severe illness, but that's not the end of it. Will she be strong enough to fend off this attack, or will this be the one thing that breaks them apart irretrievably?

Goodbye My Lover
How does someone get through a funeral? Any way they can. Snively learns this lesson now. Set to the song of the same name by James Blunt.

When You're Gone
Sam is gone. Really and truly gone. Everyone will deal with it in their own way, some less capable than others. But more pieces of the puzzle are revealed, and the answers they bring could mean war.

Hearts of the Innocent
Seven months have passed since Sam died, but it seems she cannot rest in peace. In fact, there are those who are determined not to let her. What will this do? And will it turn out to be a bad thing or a good thing?

It's Not Over
Ann and Xavier have found a way to bring Sam back, if her body can survive it. But if she does, she may be forced into being their slave, their pawn. Or does she have some trick up her sleeve? This is the finale of the second series.

Series 3: The Silver Crystal Chronicles

In defiance of Xavier and the Senshi, Sam reunites with Snively. But nothing goes according to plan, and Sam may just end up in a worse situation than before. Also, is history starting to repeat for Snively?

The young Chibi wants to play hide and seek, but no one has time for her. Everyone is busy with their own important tasks, but she decides she's going to play anyway. Will they find her before something happens to her? And just what is Sophia up to?

Already Over (a poem)
A poem from the point of view of Sam's and Snively's daughter. It's a frightening tale that seems almost surreal. But is it a dream, or is it reality? Judge for yourself.

Cross the Line
Even with their minds wiped and false memories implanted, Snively and Sam find their way back to each other. But they're not the only ones who don't remember, and some who do are trying to make everything as it was. Will that be for the best, or will something horrible result?

The Meaning Of...
War has come, and Sam is being thrust into the role of leader quite unwillingly. And there are more Senshi to be found whose loyalty could tip the scales one way or the other. Who will get to them first? And why does Hope have to choose now to be a rebel?

Friend or Foe
Sam is really throwing herself into being leader, perhaps a bit too much. Add in the fact that Snively hasn't been faithful, her Senshi are getting frustrated, and only October seems to want to stand by her, will there be another split?

Crash World
A truly appropriate title. Both Sam's and Snively's worlds are crashing down around their ears, either through their actions, inactions, or prejudices (especially Snively). They're trying to reach out to each other, but can they or will something prevent it yet again? And that's not even the saddest thing in this fic.

Sam is engaged again, but not to Snively. Demitri has swept her off her feet and they're getting married. Or...are they? She and Snively have a lot of unresolved feelings after all. And more than that, can Demitri be trusted? Or is someone else trying to hurt Sam?

The Flame in All of Us
Sam is in a very bad shape, all because of Demitri. Snively is out for blood, but is it really Demitri he should be after? Everything is not as it appears to be, but can it be stopped before a huge mistake is made?.

The Howling
Serenity finds a new friend in daycare, one who is rather familiar in some way. Finding out just how leads to a lot of questions being resolved and more than a few epic battles. But just who will come out on top?

The Angels Save Us All
Sonic was babysitting the kids and was under strict orders not to mention Robotropolis to them. He blew it. Now they have to save their kids. Oh, and they might as well save Mobius at the same time. Can they? And are they finally past all their problems? Finale of the third series.

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