Mylinda Antoinette's Sonic Fanstuff

Here is some fanart by one of our best fans, Mylinda Antoinette. She has a nice style of drawing and a good grasp of our characters. I sincerely hope that we see a lot more from her.

Princess Sally

Here's Sally looking nice in a flattering blue dress, the one she was going to wear in our first story "True Love Recaptured" before Sonic wrecked it!.

Princess Lydia Evergreen

Our first fanpic of the character created by Kelly "Kelly Min" Moule, Lydia Evergreen. Great job on it.

Princess Alicia Rose Hedgehog

As the artist says herself, here's Alicia caught daydreaming about Edgar

Knuckles Echidna

A very nice looking Knuckles, drawn SatAM style.

Angela Shi-rat

Angela looking like her usual sweet self.NEW

Nadine Osaya

Nadine this time, looking a little surprised at something.


Which will she choose? The Fallen Ones? Or Darrin?NEW

Desirée D'Coollette

A gentle smile from an attractive doeNEW

Juice and Angela

"Love". That sums it up perfectly.NEW

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