Brian "Sonic Whammy" Sapinski's Sonic Fanstuff

Below you will find the first fanworks of a good friend of ours, the Sonic Whammy. While the story is great in and of itself, I sincerely hope to see more from him in the near future.

The Beginning of a Journey
I have traveled from my home in Bluebrook in order to seek the Freedom Fighters' help in rescuing my captured family. And this journey provides me with the complete motherload of new experiences that I will not soon forget.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

A couple weeks after my last experiences, it seems that everything is going wrong. Robotnik is unusually active, and there's friction between Sonic and Sally. Is any of this my fault? If so, can I help to set it right?

Home Is Where The Heart Is
It's time for me to head back to Bluebrook, and I'm bringing the Freedom Fighters with me for a visit. Awaiting me there are many familiar faces, and a few new surprises. But no matter what, it's good to be home.

Floating With Disaster
The Freedom Fighters are planning a surprise for me, and it requires a special visit to someone who has helped Sonic and Sally before. But they're not alone on this trip, it seems...

The Prodigal Soldier
I'm not exactly in this story, but my presence can still be felt. It seems Bunnie has found a new reason for her training, and that in turn has inspired Antoine. He turns to Rotor and Tails for help, but they end up needing his instead. Can Antoine save the day this one time? I don't know about you, but I have faith in him.

The time has come for me to begin my search for my family. The only problem: Where do I begin? The solution is simple, but the ways to reach it are far from it, and things only get tougher when emotions pile up on AND off the battlefield.

To read an interview Brian conducted with us for Sonic HQ in March of 1999, click here.

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